Please call us at: (407) 440-2975 with information on your consignment or email pictures and information of your consignment to: LLZIKO@YAHOO.COM

RV Consignment Program – No Storage Fees!
Not using your RV? Want it sold without the hassle?
We want your good, clean consignment!

If you’ve ever thought about consigning your RV, here are some great reasons why you should!

– No waiting by the phone
– We advertise for you!
– We help you set a selling price
– No missed appointments!
– We perform a complete systems check on the RV
– We offer financing to potential buyers
– RV is shown on our lot with excellent exposure from I-29

Our Consignment Program Is Simple And Popular
Once your RV is here, we will review it with you, looking for visible damages and conditions that could affect its value and sale ability. We will give you an honest and accurate appraisal. We will then sit down with you and go over the appraisal. After the price is agreed upon, we will fill out our consignment agreement. That’s it! When the unit sells, you get the agreed amount and we keep our share to help pay for sales commissions, advertising and other overhead costs. You are always in control. If we get an offer that would give you less than the agreed amount, we will call you and let you decide what to do.
Take it? Counter it? Decline it? Once the RV has a deposit and is sold, our service department will perform their inspection. If anything is not functioning properly and has to be replaced or repaired in order to function, those costs will be deducted from your agreed proceeds.

What You Should Bring With You

– Current Registration
– Proof of RV Insurance (you must keep insurance current on your RV)
– Any Extended Warranty/Service Contract Documents
– 2 Sets of Keys
– Owner’s Manuals

In Addition, You Should Complete The Following Tasks Prior To Bringing In Your RV

– Empty all holding tanks and water tanks on your RV
– Remove any and all documents with your name on it
– Remove any and all personal belongings
– Bring your RV in as close to “showroom” condition as possible
– If your RV is a motor home, make sure it has 1/2 tank of fuel or more

Financing & Warranty Available!

Apply Today! There’s no reason to wait! Call us to get a quote! Our staff will tell you about our available financing options.